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lecturer Usman Zia

Designation : Lecturer
Specialization : Information Systems

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  • MS Information System, Other
  • MS-CS,University of Centeral Punjab
  • BS-CS,University of Centeral Punjab
  • FSc,Gujranwala Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
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SULTAN SHAMSHAD MS HYBRID APPROACH FOR PLAYER RECOMMENDATION IN SOCCER  Clubs hire scouts to find the best suitable players. Those scouts watch the games all over the world to find the player according to the club’s requirements. After the manual recommendation of players by scouts, the player’s price is estimated manually by the clubs and the deal is being done with a table talk. In scouting technique, the knowledge of scouts matters a lot about a soccer game, the club’s requirements, and player’s specifications. The personal biases of scouts about players and lack of knowledge lead to the wrong recommendation. The manual pricing is also could be wrong due to the scout’s wrong information. There are two methods in this thesis. The first method predicts the price of the player and the second method recommends a suitable player for clubs. The prediction method uses the data about player, clubs, and managers of related clubs then estimate the price. The recommendation method uses the requirements about player’ specifications then recommends a player from the pool of players. The accuracy of the prediction method is determined by comparing the predicted price with the real-time price. The recommended method is evaluated by comparing the features of the recommended player with the features of a player that has to be replaced. 2020
  • 1. Razzaq, Abdul, Muhammad Asif, and Usman Zia “Inter-ecosystem Interoperability on Cloud Survey to Solution.” (FiCloud), 2016 IEEE 4th International Conference, January 2016 DOI: