Directorate of IT Services

Directorate of IT Services

University of Gujrat has full-fledged Directorate of IT that provides all range of technological support and direction to the university and its departments.

The directoratestaff strives to quickly, courteously and effectively meet all the technology needs and facilitates the innovative use of technology in support of learning and creative endeavor.

The directorate also provides mobile walk-up support to the university community for connecting to UOG Data Center over wireless networks and using supported applications.

In addition to providing support assistance, the IT Service Center also helps in the following areas:

  1. Formulating strategic planning and management of IT across the University, including all infrastructure, user support services and core enterprise applications.
  2. Technology solutions for better education management, thereby leveraging IT for efficient management of academic problems.
  3. Providing a spectrum of campus-wide services, including academic technology support, administrative computing services, networking, information security, data centre operations, systems management, applications services, including user support, training and outreach.
  4. To ensure that arrangements are in place for the provision of essential, accurate, up to date information about the Departments.
  5. Reviews and advises on purchases of all hardware, software, and automation-related services.
  6. Reports on the status and progress of automation projects and operations, and makes recommendations for modifications of automation systems as needed.
  7. Provision of computers, laptops, printers, multimedia and other IT related latest equipment to management, faculty and scholars.
  8. Develops and manages IT budgets. Hires and manages IT staff, determine is capital improvements.
Directorate of IT Services