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Chairperson message

The Department of Architecture at the University of Gujrat is one of the new and most progressive institutions in the country. Over the course of the last seven years it has steadily built a reputation for academic excellence; not merely for the technical skills our students and graduates have acquired, but for the deep understanding of the social obligations and responsibilities they carry in a rapidly transforming society like ours. From the beginning, the Department has consciously adopted a modern, progressive curriculum, with an emphasis on the unique cultural and climatic context of the region. Our vision of excellence is based on five core values: Leadership, Hard work, Communication, Creativity, Persistence and Offbeat thinking.


Established in 2009, Department of Architecture is attracting talented students from the entire province. Pleasing and inspiring ambience at the department gives the opportunity to students (coming from diverse backgrounds) to provide imaginative and innovative solutions to the contemporary design problems considering the future challenges. Design studios, well equipped with latest technological and display facilities, are the places of critical, thought provoking, stimulating discussions and assignments / projects where individual students are guided by highly qualified faculty to develop their own architectural expressions. Rich heritage of Gujrat District, its historic buildings, urban patterns, built environmental issues and future development are under study at the department where emphasis is placed on designing with sensitivity to the context.

The department actively encourages and participates in various national and international events of research. Guest talks, seminars and study tours are arranged to link the teaching at the department with society and professional practice.

Graduating students have various career choices. Either go into professional field as practicing architects or open up their own consultancy firms after gaining suitable experience. Landscape architects, interior designers, urban designers and planners, sustainable design consultants, archaeologists, architectural historians, critics, scholars and teachers are some of main choices the students have before them after completing their education.


Recognizing that architecture is a basic human need, we strive to play an essential and innovative role in enhancing the human condition. The Department aims to flourish professional Architectural education through research, critical practice, and community engagement.


The mission is to solve the problems of built environment and develop professionals who think and design creatively while critically addressing the socio-economic, cultural, and environmental conditions at local and global level. The objective of the Department of Architecture is to create public awareness about architecture profession at Regional and National Level while taking inspiration from latest developments in science and technology.

Programs offered

  • Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)