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Department of Physical Education & Sports Science

The academic programs are being offered at UOG aim at meetings the needs of modern age, by using research tools and following an analytical approach. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained at the University will build confidence in the students to compete at national and international level. The study plans are focused on industry-oriented programs in different disciplines.

MSc Physical Education & Sports Sciences Program will be going insisted to cater the growing demands of the new generation in sports education. For this purpose, this course has been designed in a professional manner.

The curriculum of the PEASS program comprises on curricular and co-curricular activities like Philosophy, Physiology, Anatomy & Philology, Rules & Techniques of Sports & games, Computer Application, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics. Those students who think that mathematics is not applicable PE can see how staggers in 400 meters race are measured and how the trajectory of a football kick or basketball free throw has math and physics elements. Vocabulary and history of the Sport activities are also included in the curriculum and, most important, all courses are rewarding for all students