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Due to non-availability of any comprehensive research and educational Institute for ceramics industry in Pakistan, which offers educational and production services under one roof. It is need of the hour to launch a state-of-the-art research and training institute for the enhancement of aesthetic and technical innovation for the industry and community by producing quality professionals and non-toxic production.


Industry of Ceramics was considered a unique and important economic domain of Pakistan and subcontinent. But from last couple of Decades the Ceramics industry of Pakistan and Ceramics Art work is facing terrible decline. The vision of Ceramics Department is to contribute from qualified professionals to Industry, and classify their problems, which they are facing, in form of Aesthetic, Mechanics, Technical and Toxic Materials, and give them a solid and easy resolution.

Ceramics Design Department was established under the umbrella of School of Art, Design & Architecture, and University of Gujrat in 2011. By the blessing of Allah Almighty, we achieved great success to produce such innovative work in the department of Ceramics Design. Department always strived to encourage new aspects of Art and Cultural activities under Professional education in the field of Art and Design.

The excellent 10,000 sq. ft. State of the art studios along with worth of around 40 million latest Equipped studios has spacious areas for hand building, wheel throwing, Claymation Animation, figure modeling, slip casting, glaze research, and firing electric, gas, soda, and Raku kilns. Specialized instruction to glaze chemistry and material preparation is given to theStudents for better understanding of the material.

An excellent ceramics library, and study collection of work made by visiting artists, and studio exhibitions enhance the educational resources along with the exposure to industry, the students also benefit from the national and international artists and practitioners who visit often and give workshops in technical and artistic realms. Students are also taken to field trips to the ceramic industry, artists´.

Chairperson’s Message

The world in which we live is becoming a global village, and global market access billions of potential customers can stimulate economic growth of a country and the improvement of livelihoods.

Department of Ceramics Design is contributing to the national economy by providing to the industry with the best artists, who will be beneficial for industry and will enhance the economy of the country through their skills.

I therefore would like to invite you to ensure your professional development at the Department of Ceramics Design, UOG, The Department of Ceramics Design, UOG provides the platform to those aspiring artists who wish to pursue this medium as professionals. The department allows the students to explore the techniques of design, interior, pottery, sculpture and other related domains. Project based teaching is undertaken in the studio sessions and in supplemented courses at the department.

Students are welcome to join different fields of studies being offered here, and your access to our studios and workshops will make the learning process truly productive.

Students of Ceramics Design Department enjoy a well-rounded experience as they have the collaboration with ceramics industry & Ceramics professionals as well. I hope that the brilliant students of our Department will prove a great asset for our industry and community professionally.