Faculty Profiles

Dr. Fiaz Majeed

Designation : Assistant Professor (Tenured )
Specialization : Computer Science

Email : [email protected]

Office Number : +(92) +92533643375
Office Exten : 159

Fiaz Majeed is Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Computing & Information Technology in the University of Gujrat. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. His research interests are: Information Retrieval and Machine Learning. He has participated in numerous projects related to his research topics. He has published more than 20 papers in refereed journals and international conference proceedings in the above areas. He is the reviewer of several renowned international journals. Contact him at [email protected]

  • Databases, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning.

  • PhD,University of Engg & Tech Lhr
  • MS,Comsats I.I. Technology Lahore
  • M. Sc.,University of Punjab
  • B. Sc.,University of Punjab
  • HEC Approved PhD Supervisor   HEC Approved PhD Supervisor in the discipline of Physical Sciences
  • HEC Indigenous Scholarship   MS Leading to PhD full funded scholarship 2008-2013
Student Name DegreeTitle Status / Completed Year
Iqra Afzal MS A data transformation technique for noisy ECG signals to augment classification accuracy  - 2021
Muhammad Umair MS A technique to filter unbiased literature using Main path analysis  - 2021
Ayesha Sadeeqa MS Modified bat algorithm for un-constrained optimization using chaotic pattern analysis  - 2021
Khadija Manzoor Hussain MS Multi class skin disease classification based on ABCD and statistical features using deep neural network  - 2021
Rizwana Zulfiqar MS Abnormal Respiratory Sounds Classification Using Artificial Noise Addition  - 2021
Abdul Razzaq Ahmad Shakir MS Birth Data Classification using Ensemble Modeling Techniques  - 2021
Asiya Jan MS Investigating data mining approaches to predict student academic performance at secondary level  - 2021
Waqas Asif MS Social Media News Classification for Healthcare using Machine Learning  - 2019
Ijaz Iqbal MS Pakistani sign language recognition using Least discriminant analysis  - 2019
Muhammad Asim MS Classification Based Prediction of Cardiac Anomalies  - 2017
Rana Azahr-ul-Haq MS Ranking Documents Using Influence Language Model  - 2017
Saliha Zahoor MS Targeting accurate aggregations in data warehouse against natural language queries  - 2015
  • Worked as a Head, Department of Software Engineering, University of Gujrat, Pakistan
  • Currently working as Head, Department of Information Technology, University of Gujrat
  • Designed Departmental Accreditation Documents for National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC)
  • Board of Studies “Curriculum Committee Member” (Department of Information Technology, University of Gujrat, Pakistan)
  • Board of Studies “Curriculum Committee Convener” (Department of Software Engineering, University of Gujrat, Pakistan)
  • Member of Academic Council, University of Gujrat, Pakistan.
  • HEC Approved PhD Supervisor in the discipline of Physical Sciences.
  • Board of Studies “Curriculum Committee Member” (Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Gujrat, Pakistan)
  • Member, Institutional Scholarship Awarding Committee (ISAC), University of Gujrat
  • University of Gujrat, Lahore Sub-Campus, Subject Specialist to conduct review of Self-Assessment Report (SAR)
  • IT Equipment Purchase Committee Member, University of Gujrat
  • 1. Fiaz Majeed, Muhammad Shoaib “Evaluation of Natural Language Software Interfaces to Databases” Intelligent Automation And Soft Computing, September 2021 DOI:
  • 2. Muhammad Umair, Fiaz Majeed “Main Path Analysis to Filter Unbiased Literature ” Intelligent Automation And Soft Computing, July 2021 DOI:
  • 3. Khadija Manzoor, Fiaz Majeed, Ansar Siddique, Talha Meraj, Hafiz Tayyab Rauf “A Lightweight Approach for Skin Lesion Detection through Optimal Features Fusion” Cmc-Computers Materials & Continua, May 2021 DOI:
  • 4. Zobia Zafar, Muhammad Awais, Abdul Jaleel, and Fiaz Majeed “A Distributed Framework of Autonomous Drones for Planning and Execution of Relief Operations during Flood Situations” International Arab Journal Of Information Technology, February 2021 DOI:
  • 5. Syed Ali Abbas, Aqeel Ur Rehman , Fiaz Majeed, Abdul Majid, M. Sheraz Arshed Malik “Performance Analysis of Classification Algorithms on Birth Dataset” Ieee Access, December 2020 DOI:
  • 6. Ghulam Ali, Amjad Ali, Farman Ali, Umar Draz, Fiaz Majeed “Artificial neural network based ensemble approach for multicultural facial expressions analysis” Ieee Access, November 2020 DOI:
  • 7. Fiaz Majeed, Muhammad Shafiq, Amjad Ali, Muhammad Awais Hassan, Syed Ali Abbas “Self-citation Analysis on Google Scholar Dataset for H-Index Corrections” Ieee Access, December 2019 DOI:
  • 8. Hannan Bin Liaqat, Amjad Ali, Junaid Qadir, Ali Kashif Bashir, Muhammad Bilal, Fiaz Majeed “Socially-aware congestion control in ad-hoc networks: Current status and the way forward” Future Generation Computer Systems-The International Journal Of Escience, March 2019 DOI:
  • 9. Muhammad Awais Hassan, Ume Habiba, Fiaz Majeed, and Muhammad Shoaib “Adaptive gamification in e-learning based on students’ learning styles” Interactive Learning Environments, February 2019 DOI:
  • 10. Fiaz Majeed and Muhammad Shoaib “Logical Schema-based Mapping Technique to Reduce Search Space in the Data Warehouse for Keyword-based Search” International Arab Journal Of Information Technology, January 2017 DOI:
  • 1. Fiaz Majeed “A Benchmarking Criteria for the Evaluation of OLAP Tools” Twelfth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA), October 2017 DOI:
  • 2. Zagham Naseem, Fiaz Majeed “Extending HTML5 Local Storage to Save More Data; Efficiently and in More Structured Way” IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM), September 2013 DOI:
  • 3. Fiaz Majeed, Muhammad Sohaib Mahmood, Saqib Ubaid “A burst resolution technique for data streams management in the real-time data warehouse” IEEE International conference on Emerging Technologies(ICET), September 2011 DOI:
  • 4. Fiaz Majeed, Muhammad Sohaib Mahmood “Efficient Data Streams Processing in the Real-Time Data Warehouse” IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, May 2010 DOI:
Date TitleAgency/Organization Amount Status
2016-04-01IOT-Based Personalized Heart Disease Prediction with Low False Alarm RateHEC500000