Faculty Profiles

Dr Amber Afroz

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Biochemistry

Email : [email protected]

Office Number : +(92) 3359483609

I am Dr. Amber Pakistani by origin, working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB), University of Gujrat (UOG) in TTS for more than seven years. I am currently working on RNAi targets discovery using Proteomics analysis (HEC (NRPU6506) Funded Project). Along with this I will integrate the transcriptomic data with Proteomics data for functional data analysis of RNAi targets. It will be followed by gene cloning experiments for insect resistant Crops. Before in my PhD I have done differential Proteomics analysis of tomato cultivars for biotic stress resistance. Along with this I have worked on tissue culture optimisations for tomato in-vitro Growth.

  • Biotechnology (Gene cloning, Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in dicots & monocots), PCR, RT PCR, Southern Blot, Western Blot analysis, RNAi assay, In-vitro techniques (Plant tissue culture, Micropropagation), Proteomics (Protein extraction, 2D PAGE, Mass spectrometry), Expression analysis
  • PhD,Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
  • MPhil,Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
  • MSc,University of Agricultural Faisalabad
  • 1. Hussain T, Rehman N, Inam S, Ajmal W, Afroz A, Muhammad A, Zafar Y, Ali GM, Khan MR “Homotypic clusters of transcription factor binding sites in the first large intron of AGL24 MADS-Box transcription factor are recruited in the enhancement of floral expression” Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, July 2019
  • 2. Iqbal T, Rashid U, Shahzad N, Afroz A, Malik MF, Idrees M “Molecular detection of Hepatitis E Virus in layer chickens: A possible public health risk in Pakistan” Pakistan Journal Of Zoology, June 2019
  • 3. Iqbal T, Rashid U, Idrees M, Afroz A, Kamili S, Purdy MA “A novel avian isolate of hepatitis E virus from Pakistan” Virology Journal, February 2019