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Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Computer Science

Email : [email protected]

Office Number : +(92) 92533643121
Office Exten : 159

Mr. Najeeb-Ur-Rehman’s academic abilities can be perceived from the fact that he has completed his BS (CS), and MS (CS) degrees with Cum Laude honor from FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) and nominated as Gold Medalist. Even more, he is nominated for Dean’s List of Honors and Rector’s List of Honors several times. He is Gold Medalist in Software & Hardware IT Competition organized by DOST-KPK and attend numerous Computer Programming and IT Contests all over the Pakistan. His keenness towards computer associated disciplines has made him able to develop connoisseur-like skills in a short period of time. Starting from August 2010-present, he has established notable skills in developing software like web portals, and has managed expertise in online Management Information System (MIS) development. He also has been a part of a number of Android and Website Development workshops as per his interests. Apart from his technical abilities, he has gained a number of opportunities to enhance his mentoring skills by leading many FAST-NU societies in terms of extra and co-curricular activities.His management abilities can be presumed by the fact that he has been one of the lead managers of more than five National-scope university Olympiads, has conducted academic workshops, has been a part of many admission and marketing campaigns, and other such activities. As far as his research is concerned, he is working in Trusted Computing along with Agent Oriented Technologies, and Machine Learning along with Data Mining. Currently, he is serving as an educationist in University of Gujrat, Computer Science Department.

  • MS(CS),National University of Computer And Emerging Sciences, Islamabad
  • BS(CS),National University of Computer And Emerging Sciences, Islamabad
  • HSSC,Dera Ghazi Khan Board
  • SSC,Dera Ghazi Khan Board
  • 1. Smartphones are increasing in popularity and it is widely believed that their market share will continue to rise in the future. Due to the limited capabilities of smartphones compared to the PC, web-based services accessed through native applications are quickly becoming the de-facto standard on these devices. Allowing secure access to data residing on web-based services is a hot security issue targeted by many protocols. OAuth is the most popular of these and is in use by a vast majority of industry leaders. However, it suffers from some limitations the primary of which is that once a resource consumer is authorized access to a web service, it can access the data residing on that service from anywhere and at any time. This leads to severe privacy concerns. In this paper, we propose extensions to the core OAuth protocol that cater to this problem by introducing the concept of device-specific authorization using the constructs of Trusted Computing. We provide the details of our proposed protocol and describe the proof-of-concept developed to demonstrate the feasibility of our approach. The end results is a light-weight, user-friendly protocol that provides device-specific authorization for smartphones thus enhancing privacy without sacrificing the simplicity of the core OAuth protocol. “POAuth: privacy-aware open authorization for native apps on smartphone platforms” , February 2012