Faculty Profiles

Erum Shahzadi

Designation : Lecturer
Specialization : Survey Sampling

Email : [email protected]

  • Survey Sampling, Advanced Applied Statistics

  • MPhil Statistics,Univesity of Gujrat
  • MSc,University of Gujrat
  • BSc,University of Gujrat
  • ICS,Gujranwala Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
  • Matriculation,Gujranwala Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
  • Researcher   Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences
Student Name DegreeTitle Status / Completed Year
Sidra Afzal BS   2020
Umer Naseer M.Sc.   2020
Bisma Noreen BS   2020
Jaweria Aslam M.Sc.   2020
1. Zainab Yaqoob BS   2020
9. Asifa Afzal BS   2019
6. Sara Chaudhry BS   2019
8. Jaweria Adrees BS   2019
7. Sana Abdul Ghafoor BS   2019
10. Ayesha Mansoor M.Sc.   2018
Sadia Gulzar M.Sc.   2018
Moeen Hamid BS   2018
Sania Naeem BS   2018
Jaweria Kiran BS   2017
Sana Muneer BS   2017
Danza Khalid BS   2017
Sidra Rani BS   2016
Sehar Fida BS   2016
Ifza Naz BS   2015
Anam Ghazanfar BS   2015
Hafsa Anser M.Sc.   2015
Ayesha Husnain M.Sc.   2015
  • Member of Admission Committee Fall 209, Fall 2020
  • Coordinator for Course Registration and Coordination
  • PT Member for Self Assessment Review of Department
  • Act as Rapporteur in One technical session of 1. 9th International Conference on Statistical Sciences (ICCS-11) “Official Statistics and its Impact on Good Governance and Economy of Pakistan” (July 05-06, 2012) at National College of Business Administration and Economics, Lahore
  • Act as Rapporteur in one technical Session of 3. 8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Statistics “Statistics, Biostatistics and Econometrices” held on February 8-9, 2011, at National College of Business Administration & Economics (NCBA&E), Lahore
  • Act as Rapporteur in one technical session of 15th Islamic countries Conference on Statistical Sciences: Statistics for Social Justice with Healthy Living held on December 20-24, 2019, at Lahore institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Lahore
  • Coordinator of Students Statistical Society