Faculty Profiles

Dr. Sami Ullah

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Economics

Email : [email protected]

Office Number : +(92) 3456939593

I have 18 years of teaching and research experience in various institutes of national repute. Before joining University of Gujrat, I have served in Ministry of Finance, Islamabad. I am also writing columns for both urdu and english languages in national newspapers. I have the craze to work for community by focusing on vulnerable groups of the society.

  • I have published 45 research papers in national and international research journals in the field of development economics. I have worked in various research based projects on key positions. I have supervised 30 M.Phil and 3 PhD students. My favorite areas of research are poverty, inequality, human development, gender disparities, child labour, migration, horizontal inequalities, vulnerable groups and socio-economic issues of the developing economies.

  • MPhil ,Goverment College University , Lahore
  • PhD,Goverment College University , Faislabad