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Department of Political Science


The Department seeks to advance the science of politics and international relations through teaching and research. For this purpose, the department focuses on grooming students for taking up responsibilities as successful professionals.


The Department of Political Science & International Relations was established in 2012 at the University of Gujrat. The Department has progressed gradually and now offers program the fields of Political Science and International Relations to both undergraduates and graduate students. The Department has recruited faculty of diverse academic backgrounds such as Politics, International Relations, defense and Strategic Studies, Government and Public Policy, and European Studies.

The faculty is dedicated and well qualified from the premier universities of Pakistan along with some international exposures.

The basic purpose of the Department is to equip its students with the knowledge of national and international politics. It promotes a vibrant research culture. The primary focus is on achieving excellence in research that is of both strategic and practical importance. To achieve these objectives the department arranges tutorials, seminars and academic conferences along with regular classes.

Chairperson´s Message

In an increasingly globalizing world, the importance of social contracts within and among societies has increased manifold. Politics at intra-national and international levels has defining impact on every aspect of human life ranging from scientific challenges to sociological queries as well as the promotion of liberal values to the struggle of conservative thought. Political Science and International Relations are thus very important subjects. At the department of Political Science & International Relations, we are striving for producing future generations of experts that can contribute in the development of Pakistan. The objectives of the department include: encouraging students to read and write critically on the issues of importance; familiarizing students with the current debates in Political Science and International Affairs; and promoting scholarly inquiry into multiple aspects of politics that affect Pakistan and the region.

We want the promotion of peace, which is possible through enhanced knowledge of polities in the region and the world. Solid knowledge of Political Science and International Relations brings societies closer to understanding each other, thus helping in resolving conflicts peacefully as well as collaborating against the gigantic challenges that can be met only through collective actions. Our target is to be a prominent department of Political Science and International Relations in South Asia through imparting and expanding knowledge of Political Science and International Relations.