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Department of Psychology


The department of psychology intends to enhance the understanding of behavioral and cognitive processes pertaining to the complex human psyche through underpinning the strategic solutions to both individual and societal problems.

The department will inculcate the spirit of understanding of human nature among the students. It intends to motivate the students to use basic skills in scientific research, the knowledge of psychological concepts and its applications in other diverse fields of life.


The department was established in 2006 with two degree programs BS.Honors in Psychology (4 Year program) and MSc Psychology (2 Year). The basic goal of designing the curriculum is not only to provide the basic knowledge of psychology to the students but also give them the practical exposure through research projects and internship opportunities in different fields of life. The M.Phil program started in 2009.Its syllabus covers a wide range of psychological concepts with respect to human’s personality and its functioning in the society.  The goal of the M.phil program is to enhance students’ research skills and link their research experiences with the practical problems prevailing in the society. In 2013, a professional diploma in clinical psychology was also started in order to fulfill the needs of the clinical psychologist particularly in district Gujrat and in its surroundings. The aim of the diploma was to train the professional clinical psychologists for the management and treatment of psychological problems and disorders prevailing in the society.

Chairperson´s Message

The discipline of psychology is an integral part ofany society as it deals with human’s cognition, feelings and behaviors.Psychology directly enhances the students’ capacities as healthy citizens in terms of utilizing their potential in positive human interactions. Currently, Pakistan is facing political, economic and social crises which create distress in general public and pave the feelings of insecurity which in turn affect the mental health of individuals. The degree programs in the department are in line with the need of the day. The programs incorporate the formal learning with field experience and try to contribute to the society by enhancing the students’ understating of human nature and their ability to deal with stressful situations.