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Department of Statistics


The department intends to provide dynamic research and effective education in different areas of Statistics and grow as one of the most research-intensive institutes of statistics in the country. For this purpose, we are striving to make our courses challenging, relevant, and innovative to enrich the minds of the students in order to enable them to achieve academic and research excellence.


Statistics refers to a body of scientific principles and methodologies that are used to extract useful and comprehensive information from data to draw conclusions about any phenomenon. Almost every research work is incomplete without the use of statistical techniques. The Statistics Department provides a good combination of pure and applied statistics which enables a student to successfully participate in professional life. The graduates of the department have good knowledge of statistical methods and softwares to handle any problem statistically. The graduates have an ability to apply the gained knowledge at professional level. 

Chairperson´s Message

Welcome to the Department of Statistics at the University of Gujrat. The department is led by renowned faculty with a wide variety of expertise in statistical theory and data analysis in multidisciplinary research. Statistics plays an important role in the advancement of scientific knowledge. Statistical tools are being increasingly used in mining large databases particularly in the fields of surveys, census, MRI, fMRI, EEG, biometry, genetics, air traffic, business, computer science, marketing, engineering, social and health sciences, arts and humanities amongst many others. Statistics has hence become central to all aspects of social and natural sciences. We are currently focusing on applied research through collaborative research projects with other disciplines. Our objective is to produce statisticians equipped with a strong understanding of data analysis and use of statistical techniques to solve the real world problems. The Department offers BS, MSc, MPhil, and PhD degree programs. The graduates of our department go on to establish careers in academia, industry, banking and developmental sector.

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