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Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology


Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology will make an effort to create a workable environment resulting in professional relationships with other organizations for the improvement in teaching and research. Focus will be given to research areas that will have a practical application in Industry, Medical and Agriculture. Our mission is to find the natural ways for the eradication of harmful compounds.


As the name indicates, it is the chemistry of Biology, thus exploring the chemical processes related to living system. Integration of these processes gives rise to the complexity of life. All the areas of life science are dependent on the biochemical research, as it is main source of information about the living processes whether in plants, animals or microbes. As this science makes us understand the biological molecules and their involvement in the living processes, so this science in turn relates to the study of tissues, organs and organisms, in short the whole Biology. Molecular Biology is very close to Biochemistry and can be considered as a branch of Biochemistry where genetic message present in the DNA molecule be translated into the process of life. Biochemistry can also provide different tools for the study of Molecular Biology.

The Department has highly qualified and competent faculty having PhD and MPhil degrees and research experience from reputable national and international universities. To strive for excellence in education i.e. teaching and research our faculty has produced many research publications in journals of international repute. The courses offered for graduate and post graduate degree programs provide the students with extensive exposure to basic Biochemistry as well as Cell Biology and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology.


Biotechnology is one of the most rapidly growing fields with applied sciences having applications from the diagnosis and the treatment of medical conditions to the enhancement of food production. Due to the potential impact on human life the importance of Biotechnology is currently very high in both the public and scientific agenda. This course will give access to a field of study which will have a major impact in the future of science. It is specifically designed to expand knowledge and insight in science underpinning biotechnological principles. In addition, it will help to apply knowledge and skills in addressing problems in the fields of Animal, Plant and MicrobialBio technology.

Career Opportunities

A biochemistry degree can be applied to many other disciplines and sciences. Therefore, our graduates have career opportunities in areas such as: Medicine, Drug Discovery, Drug Research and Development, Cancer and other diseases, Agriculture Research, Animal Population Restoration and Biotechnology.

Program Overview

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is known as the science of life. A Biochemistry and Molecular Biology degree covers the complex chemical reactions in genetics and cell biology of living organism and provides the foundation for nearly all advances in medical, agriculture and genetical engineering research.

Chairperson´s Message

Welcome to the department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology and thank you for your interest. This is a field of future as research in life science depends on the skills of a biochemist and applicable knowledge of a biotechnologist. We currently have a faculty with good research experience in the diverse fields of Biochemistry and Biotechnology.  Workable environment will be given to produce innovative scientists who can apply their knowledge for the benefit of society.  Curriculum will be updated on regular bases to fulfill the needs of Agriculture, Industry, Medicine and Environment.  Recent trends will be sorted out through conferences, symposia and workshops.