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Department of Mechanical Engineering & Technology


The mission of the Mechanical Engineering and Technology Department is to educate and prepare students at the undergraduate levels for leadership roles in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Technology to conduct research for the benefit of society.

Introduction Mechanical Engineering acquaints the students with the basic principles and the actual working of various machines and machines tools. Career opportunities in this fast-evolving field exist in both private industry and publicly funded enterprises. The need was felt to start BS.Technology program in Mechanical field with an aim to produce skilled technicians who are not only well versed with the theoretical background of mechanical but also with the working principles of mechanical equipment. The composition of the academic curriculum is such that the technicians do not feel shy while working with their own hands and have full confidence in these categories of manpower for performing, installation and commissioning of chemical and mechanical machines.

Chairperson´s Message

Ever since the establishment of this institution, our primary goal for undergraduate students is to train future leaders with high-quality engineering education. The aim of Department of Mechanical Engineering is to disseminate knowledge and technologies through quality teaching, research and its applications in mechanical and allied disciplines. In our creative and attractive curriculum, we strive to assimilate the latest developments in mechanics, dynamics, thermo-fluid, energy, and manufacturing. Our dedicated faculty graduated from world renowned universities grows our leading-edge research programs in dynamics, energy, thermo-fluids, design and manufacturing. We strive to ensure that all our young students have a strong education with leadership, management and teaming skills, internship experience and involvement in student activities. We entrust that accentuating these areas will make our young students well-qualified to take leadership roles in the future.