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Department of Botany


Its mission is to endow the youth with knowledge and practical skills in the areas of botanical sciences so as to develop a world class centre of excellence. It also aims at providing latest knowledge and insight to solve different research based problems and their solutions.


The Department of Botany aims at promoting an integral understanding for utilization of plants and to explore underlying mechanisms for promoting eco-friendly environment. Particular emphasis is laid on focusing the application of current advances in Genomics, Plant Physiology, DNA recombinant Technology, Sequencing Methods, Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Gene Transformation, Genetic Engineering, Applied Botany, Phyto-Medicines, GMOs and climate change impact assessment on flora of Pakistan. The Department strives at its best to boost the diverse applications of plants and their products and to tackle emerging issues of the rapidly growing population.

Its faculty is well equipped with academic and research capabilities to prepare national human resource in future perspective. Additionally, all our energies are directed at promoting conducive environment of learning and grooming talent through academic and co-curricular activities. A series of research projects are underway with industry-based objective to foster socio-economic growth. Purpose is to nurture well-trained visionary manpower to shoulder responsibilities in the future scenario of developed Pakistan.


The Department of Botany was established in 2007 and started first BS (Hons) degree course for fall session. In the ensuing years the department offered MSc, MPhil and PhD.

Chairperson’s Message

The department of Botany is sufficiently equipped with all of the required theoretical and practical items I have full confidence in my graduates that they shall meet all of the challenges regarding their subjects and market demands