School of Art, Design & Architecture

Dean Message

The School of Art, Design & Architecture, University of Gujrat has been a major cradle to train numerous artists, educators, and experts in the field of Art, Design & Architecture. In this Era of emerging needs for novel forms of creativity and emotions, Art has attained a central role in the field of cultural practices and community bonding which perform the role of improvising our lives and the values of society. I would like to say that our main goal is to provide plans to widen the cultural domain of Art through interdisciplinary studies between art and other disciplines.

Our institution offers a diverse range of streams to meet the growing demand of professionals from Fine Arts, Ceramics Design, Architecture Design, Multimedia Arts, Textile Design, and Communication Design.


The School of Art, Design & Architecture (SADA) has produced an overwhelming quality of work so far and it has potential to become one of the leading art institution of Pakistan. The Students of SADA are engaged not only in the curricula designed for them but they also work in liaison with industries from the adjoining areas of District Gujrat. The Practicality of their studies is aligned with the local industry like Furniture, Sports Goods, and Ceramics Industry etc. Students achieve the exposure and the reality of the market values and understand the relevance of their training at the University. To understand their social responsibility, the students of SADA have also worked for Public service forums and organizations. This allows them to understand the power of communication throught art and its role in the society.


  • Department of Architecture Design
  • Department of Ceramics Design
  • Department of Communication Design
  • Department of Fine Arts
  • Department of Multimedia Design
  • Department of Product Design
  • Department of Textile Design