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There are few major goals. First, we will be trying to further strengthen the teaching, learning, assessment and quality of education as a whole. We aim to make betterment in every aspect of education. Along with this, we will be definitely expanding the department. There are future plans to start new Programs like Diplomas in ELT and Translation Studies, immediately, and then PhD in English- a hybrid program for the students of both literature and linguistics, depending on the fulfillment of HEC requirement. Two separate programs of PhD in English Literature and PhD in Linguistics are also in focus. Besides, BS in Linguistics will be started keeping in view the job perspective in Punjab.


The Department of English, one of the largest departments of the University of Gujrat, is a vibrant hub of academic, intellectual and cultural activities. Apart from running its four full-time programs: BS, MA, MPhil English Literature and MPhil Linguistics. The department provides support to all other departments of the University by offering interdisciplinary courses of English. Recently, the Departmental Board of Studies has approved PhD in English. We hope that we will soon be launching this program. The Department of English promotes a vibrant research culture with a commitment to embrace the progressive research and reinforcing existing thought patterns. The primary focus is to achieve excellence in research that is of practical importance. The faculty and students are actively engaged in research activities and have written many research papers which have found their way into scholarly journals of national and international repute,

Program Overview

The BS English program aims at producing well-rounded young professionals with sound knowledge of linguistics and literature. The program develops a deep understanding of the contemporary issues in literature and linguistics. In the Department of English, premium is set on nourishing the students for the MPhil/MS programs. Moreover, special attention is paid to polish the presentation and communication skills of the students. MA English program is a two year program which builds sound foundations of the students and foregrounds them for research in their chosen fields of interest.

MPhil English Literature program focuses on contemporary issues in modern literary and critical theories. The program focuses on inculcating research among the students, critical thinking and inquiry. MPhil Linguistics program is designed to promote theoretical as well as applied research in languages with a special focus on indigenous languages. It provides the scholars with necessary theoretical foundation to carry out their research. The majority of teaching is done through didactic lectures, supported by tutorials, seminars, language lab sessions, term papers, field trips, internships and interactive seminars. The assessment of the students is done on the basis of their course work (examinations, presentations, assignments and project

The graduates of the Department of English are highly employable and are targeted by print and electronic media and NGOs. Most of our graduates appear in Competitive examinations and secure high profile jobs such as Foreign Service, District Management Groups, etc. Some of the graduates get teaching jobs in colleges through Punjab Public Service Commission or in the Universities. The students of language and literature are also more likely to find jobs as translators and interpreters. The Department is also trying to create linkages with many local schools and colleges to facilitate its graduates.

Chairman´s Message

The Department of English is one of the largest Departments in UOG. There are two specializations, literature and linguistics. The students of the department may have their interest in any of the fields, they should have at least the basic idea of each course of the two fields they study. Command in English language is the key thing expected from them all. The students here are the representative of the department anywhere they go. Therefore, I desire them to study hard and be the true ambassadors of the Department and UOG.