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Department of History and Pakistan Studies


The department of History and Pakistan Studies has been started in 2012 at Hafz Hayat Campus of the University of Gujrat. The Department is offering different programs including BS, MA, and has also started M. Phil in 2012. The PhD program in History and Pakistan Studies is in the offng since it has been approved by the Board of Studies in 2012 which can hopefully be started this year.

Audiovisual aids, tutorials, seminars, library visits, case study classes, feldworks, group discussions, assignments, book reviews, article reviews, and research projects are conducted during the study. Assessment of the students’ work is made on the basis of their coursework, examinations, presentations, assignments, and research projects. The curricula has been revised and updated from time to time. The Department offers variety of courses providing advanced and up to-date knowledge of Historiography & Research Methodology, Colonial history, Muslim Rule in South Asia, History of Modern Europe, History of Modern Muslim World and History of Pakistan along with regional histories of almost all the areas of our country as well. Our faculty specializes in a range of thematic and regional subjects. We have a strong tradition in the study of religious, social, cultural, economic, policy, political and constitutional history, which together constitutes the major component of our graduate program. Now when you have visited our website, you are also advised to visit our department physically in order to analyze and observe the supportive and welcoming environment.

Chairperson´s Message

The History and Pakistan Studies Department at University of Gujrat is a small, consistent and student engaging unit, with a diverse pupil population and faculty. Our students, learn essential skills that would serve them throughout their lives in research, writing, speaking and critical thinking.

The career opportunities for our graduates are not limited to the study of history, far from it! With a bachelor’s degree in history, they can become an educator, researcher, journalist, information manager, or a successful businessperson, the list is almost limitless. The department is also planning to introduce certain courses and short programs to enable the participants to obligate their major share in competitive exams at both provincial and federal levels. In this way the department aims at developing a program with objectives and outcomes so as to enable the youth to capture their share of job market and secure the knowledge of the main currents of the past and present of the world, humans and their achievements. In our BS, MA and M. Phil programs, the students gain hands-on research experience — in the classroom, seminars, and studies trips. Another important feature of the departmental faculty is their specialization in regional histories and cultures of Pakistan. The Department strives to ensure high quality teaching, premier research activity and valuable service to community. Furthermore, the department is keeping the faculty and the students aware of national landmarks and commemorating the important events through seminars, conferences, FM radio transmissions of UOG and lectures. The list extends when we see that the departments has been inviting and engaging with national and international repute historians and scholars, i.e., Raj Mohan Gandhi (Grandson of MK Gandhi), Dr. Ayesha Jalal, Dr. Jaafar Ahmad, Dr. Khalid Masood, etc. I sincerely hope that the students will explore the department of History and Pakistan Studies at University of Gujrat as a possibility for their future.