Right To Information

Right To Information

Proactive Disclosure U/S 4 of the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 (Act XXV of 2013)

  1. a)

particulars of the public body, its functions and duties;

Under the provisions of the University of Gujrat Act IX of 2004

  1. b)

powers and functions of its officers and employees;

  1. c)

norms and criteria set by the public body for the discharge of its functions;

  1. d)

Acts, Ordinances, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars and other legal instruments being enforced, issued or used by the public body in the discharge of its functions;

  1. University of Gujrat Act IX of 2004
  2. University of Gujrat Service Statutes 2011
  3. Amendments in University of Gujrat Service Statutes 2011
  1. e)

a statement of categories of information being held by the public body;

  1. Students’ Academic Records
  2. Other record as required under the provisions of University’s Legal Frame Work
  1. f)

a description of its decision-making processes and any opportunities for the public to provide input into or be consulted about decisions;

Under the provisions contained in University of Gujrat Act IX of 2004

  1. g)

a directory of its officers and employees with their respective remuneration, perks and privileges;

Standard BPS Salary

  1. h)

budget of the public body including details of all proposed and actual expenditures;

Budget Outlay for the Year 2021-22
Budget Outlay for the Year 2021-22
  1. i)

amount of subsidy and details of beneficiaries if the public body provides any subsidy;

Not Applicable

  1. j)

particulars of the recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by the public body;

Not Applicable

  1. k)

facilities available with the public body for obtaining information held by it;


  1. Proactive Disclosure
  2. Designated PIO
  1. l)

name, designation and other particulars of the public information officer of the public body; and

Mr Zain Nabi
Assistant Controller of Examinations,
University of Gujrat

Email: zain@uog.edu.pk
Tel: 053-3643117 Ext. 144

  1. m)

any other information that the Government may notify in the official Gazette.


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