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Programs Offered

  • M. Phil English (Applied Translation Studies)
  • BS English (Applied Translation Studies)


MPhil candidate shall posses at least sixteen years of education MA / BS-4 years degree (English / Linguistics) OR its equivalent qualification in the relevant subject.

The candidate shall have at least 50% marks in the annual examination system or 2.5 CGPA in the semester system

Scheme of Studies of MPhil

Starting dateSpring Semester
LocationHafiz Hayat Campus
Duration 2 Years
SessionFull Time

The MS/MPhil in Translation Studies program strictly follows the guidelines given by the HEC for MS/MPhil programs. The program spreads over a period of 2 years. The participants of the program will be required to study 8 courses in total, in the span of the 1st year. The year will be divided into 2 semesters having 4 courses each i.e. 1 core course and 3 elective courses per semester. Each course comprises 3 credit hours, which makes a total of 24 credit hours in the first year of the program.

The 2nd and final year entails the preparation of dissertation / thesis, having 6 credit hours (25,000 words minimum) and a project of practical translation. Thus, the credit hour capsule for the complete M.Phil Program would be:

24 CH+06 CH=30 CH
(1st Year) ( 2nd Year) ( in total)

Core courses

  • Research Methodology in Translation studies
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Theories and Approaches to Translation Studies
  • Theories of Language Description

Elective Courses

  • General  Linguistics
  • Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Morphological Theories
  • Machine Assisted Translation
  • Postcolonial Translations
  • Translation and Cultural Theory
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Language, Culture and Identity
  • Comparative Literary and Translation Studies
  • Practical Translation
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Issues in Syntax

BS English (Applied Translation Studies)


FA/ /Fsc or relevant diploma equivalent to intermediate or more. The applicants who have secured at least 45% marks in elective English of 200 marks shall be given additional 20 marks


The objectives of this program are to:

  • produce well-rounded young professionals with sound knowledge of Translation Studies
  • develop a deep understanding of the contemporary issues in linguistics and Translation theories

acquaint the students with the modern trends, research and scholarship in the field of Translation Studies around the world       

Scheme of Studies of BS

Starting date Spring Semester
Location Hafiz Hayat Campus
Duration 4 Years
Total Semesters 08
Total Credit hours 136
SessionFull Time/ Morning
Compulsory Courses or HEC requirements
1 Islamic Studies 2
2 Language in Use 3
3 Academic Reading and Writing 3
4 Communication Skills 3
5 Introduction to Computers 3
6 Pakistan Studies 2
7 Advanced Academic Reading and Writing 3
19 credit hours
General Courses
1 Introduction to Psychology 3
2 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
3 Introduction to Sociology 3
4 Introduction to Political Science 3
5 Gender Studies 3
6 Introduction to Anthropology 3
7 Introduction to Law 3
Credit hours
Foundation Courses
1 Introduction to Literature 3
2 Introduction to Linguistics 3
3 Introduction to Translation Studies 3
4 Morphology  & Syntax 3
5 Semantics and  Pragmatics 3
6 Creative Writing 3
7 Linguistic Approaches to Translation 3
8 Translation Strategies, Methods and Procedures 3
9 Art of Translation 3
10 Introduction to Research Methodology 3
30 Credit Hours
Major Courses (Applied Translation Studies)
1 Advanced Applied Translation Studies 3
2 Systemic Functional Linguistics 3
3 Introduction to Stylistics 3
4 Second Language Acquisition 3
5 20th Century Literary/Critical Theory 3
6 Perspectives on Translation: Literary, Linguistic and Philosophical 3
7 Discourse Analysis 3
8 Critical Discourse Analysis 3
9 Postcolonial Literature 3
10 Introduction to Machine Translation 3
11 Pakistani Literature in English 3
12 Cultural Approaches to Translation 3
36 Credit Hours
Elective Courses (Applied Translation Studies)
1 Linguistics and Language of Translation 3
2 Sociolinguistics (Elective) 3
3 Practical Translation-I 3
4 Practical Translation-II 3
5 Language Culture & Identity 3
6 Comparative Literature 3
7 Branches of Linguistics 3
8 Phonetics & Phonology 3
9 Translation and Technology 3
27Credit Hours
Core Courses (Applied Translation Studies)
1 Issues in Literary Translation 3
2 Translation, Ideology & Power 3
3 History of Translation Theories 3
3 Aspects of Translation 3
4 Introduction to Legal Translation 3
5 Introduction to Screen Translation 3
6 Thesis 6
21Credit Hours


  • Translating Law: translation of the provincial legislation (principle and delegated) into simple and easily understandable Urdu.
  • Translation of CRITERION Quarterly in Urdu (A Journal of Social Issues)
  • Translation of Supreme Court of Pakistan Decisions in collaboration with LUMS


Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies (HEC Recognized)

The Centre Launches a Research Journal: Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies. It is an annual peer reviewed HEC Journal by Centre for Languages (CeLTS), University of Gujrat, Pakistan. The CeLTS is dedicated to provide an independent and trans-disciplinary forum for discourse on issues in Translation and related disciplines. It deals with the rising questions in theoretical and practical translation and their social significance in the enrichment of national cultures of Pakistan. The trans-disciplinary nature of Translation Studies encourages researchers from fields like Art and History of Translation and its applications to various fields of knowledge like Linguistics, Language Learning, Comparative Literature, Literary History and Theory, Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation and Localization. The Journal welcomes research articles, empirical reports, reviews from the authors interested in any of these areas.


It is hard to ignore the phenomenal Contribution of translation towards the spread and expansion of knowledge. It is through Translation that human beings apprised themselves of the alien cultures. It is also through Translation that the process of benefitting from the thoughts of the foreign thinkers, philosophers and intellectuals was carried out and the humanity enriched its intellectual domains. The Centre, in this regard, launches a multilingual magazine “Muterjim”. Currently, it is published in three languages: English, Urdu and Punjabi. The Magazine is both about the art of translation and translated products, kept together to highlight the theories and art of translation along with the display of practical work. Being the very first publication, “Muterjim” of this year may not quench your thirst fully. Your Suggestions will definitely uplift its standard in the future. It is however hoped that the stuff selected will guide you in many ways.

  • Memorendum of Understanding (MOU)

This MOU has been executed between Center for Language Engineering, Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, University of Engineering and Technology (CLE, KICS-UET) and Centre for Languages and Translation Studies (CeLTS), University of Gujrat(UoG) for collaboration regarding different projects and research activities.

  • Memorendum of Understanding (MOU)

This MOU has been executed between Centre for Languages and Translation Studies (CeLTS), University of Gujrat(UoG) and the British Council for collaboration regarding different Seminars/Workshops/activities.