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The mission of the Economics Department falls into several important and interdependent areas. The department offers a curriculum that reflects the current state of knowledge and skills used by professional economists and that fosters an understanding of the workings of modern economies, whether at regional, national or international levels. Our target is to educate students so that they can compete in the global economy.


The Department of Economics at UOG aims to enable the students to think logically and improve their ability to use different economic concepts. It offers courses ranging from BS to PhD levels preparing the students to contribute in formulation of the country's future economic policies. The program of study imparts knowledge of basic economic concepts, theories and models as well as their practical applications in various sectors of economic importance. It develops the understanding among students about political, economic, and social factors that influence our daily lives. It also helps to explore how and why key policy decisions are made and what could be their subsequent impact. The department is very well aware of the growing demand for specialists in finance and economics disciplines in the globalized world. Therefore, it focuses on producing graduates who fit well in the dynamic market demand ranging from policy making authorities, central and commercial banks, international organizations and brokerage houses.

Chairperson´s Message

The Department of Economics was established in 2008 at Hafiz Hayat Campus under my leadership. Initially it was very difficult to start academic programs due to scarcity of resources particularly non-availability of PhD faculty was a serious challenge. However, under the vision of Vice Chancellor UOG, faculty development programs were started in parallel for hiring new faculty which contributed in enhancing strength of the department. My vision about the future of Economics department is to enhance its vertical growth. Therefore, this year strengthening of MPhil and PhD Economics programs will be my top priority. These programs will be supported by Undergraduate program of BS Economics through providing input and future need of faculty and researchers of the region will be met by these programs.