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The objective of the program offered at undergraduate level is to enable students to combine highest ethical standards with a pragmatic approach to research and practice relevant to the Pakistani society. Including general education and software engineering core courses, students would definitely learn a lot.

Introduce such courses and technical workshops that facilitate individuals and communities to utilize and maximize their unique potential towards enriched and empowered lives. Enable students to understand problem domain, analyze the domain issues, and track all requirements regarding software development.


• At least 45% marks in Intermediate or equivalent are required to apply.

• DAE (Diploma in Associate Engineering) Diploma in Electrical/ Electronics/IT/ Computer Hardware/Telecom Engineering, duly recognized from PBTE (Pakistan Board of Technical Education), holders may apply against relevant reserved seats in BS-Software Engineering.

Note: The Associate Diploma holders (3 Years) shall apply against reserved seats only

Scheme of study

Semester I Cr Hrs. Semester II Cr Hrs.
Introduction to Computing 4(3+1) Calculus and Analytical geometry 3
Programming Fundamentals 4(3+1) Object Oriented Programming 4(3+1)
English-I 3 Supporting Elective – I 3
Basic Electronics /Physics 3 English-II 3
Islamic Studies 3 GE / Univ Elective – I 3
    Discrete Structure 3
Semester Credit Hrs. 17 Semester Credit Hrs. 19
Semester III Cr Hrs. Semester IV Cr Hrs.
Data Structures & Algorithm 4(3+1) Object Oriented Software Engg. 3
Digital Logic and Design 4(3+1) Introduction to Databases 4(3+1)
Introduction to Software Engineering 4(3+1) Pak studies 3
Linear Algebra 3 Supporting Elective – II 3
Operating Systems 4(3+1) GE / Univ Elective – II 3
    Software Requirement and Specifications 3
Semester Credit Hrs. 19 Semester Credit Hrs. 19
Semester V Cr Hrs. Semester VI Cr Hrs.
Software Architecture and Design 3 Software Process Improvement 3
Probability and Statistics 3 SE Application Domain Elective- I 3
SE Elective – I 3 GE / Univ Elective – III 3
SE Elective – II 3 English- III (TRW) 3
Supporting Elective – III 3 Software Verification and Validation 3
Computer Communication And Networks 4(3+1)    
Semester Credit Hrs. 19 Semester Credit Hrs. 15
Semester VII Cr Hrs. Semester VIII Cr Hrs.
Software Project Management 3 SE Elective-III 3
GE / Univ Elective – IV 3 SE Elective-IV 3
SE Application Domain –II 3 SE Elective-V 3
Final Year Project Part-I* 3 Final Year Project Part-II* 3
Semester Credit Hrs. 12 Semester Credit Hrs. 12