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Department of Computer Science


Our Mission is to provide a quality and value-laden education in Computing Discipline in order to produce scientifically, technologically, and professionally competent graduates who are adept to perform a significant role in the continuing transformation of the local and global society. We aim to produce well-rounded and competent professionals, with learning, courage and integrity, and who are committed to make positive contributions to the society. 


The digital age has transformed the world and the workforce and, as a result, computer science and related technologies have become an essential part of our daily life activities. To be well-educated global citizens in a computing intensive world and to be prepared for careers in the 21st Century, it is imperative that students have a clear understanding of the principles and practices of computer science. No other subject opens as many career doors in the21st Century, regardless of a student’s ultimate field of study or occupation, as computer science. The department provides quality and value-laden education in Computing Discipline in order to produce scientifically, technologically, and professionally competent graduates who are adept to perform a significant role in the continuing transformation of the local and global society. We are committed to produce graduates with both research and development skills. Our nationally and foreign qualified academic staff specializes in diverse fields within the area of computer science. Realizing the importance of this Golden Trade Triangle, the University of Gujrat has set-up a state-of-the-art Computer Science Department to support businesses automation and technological re-engineering of business of this region by producing quality graduates.

The Computer Sciences Department of the University of Gujrat was established in 2007. Today, the department is a beacon of excellence in the University.

With the dawn of a new century, a new era of technology was born. Since then, technology has not only made its impression on daily life, but a larger portion of academics too. This is the time for digital media and computing. In today’s modern world, the need for skilled technologists is more than ever.  New domains in technology are being introduced every day. In today’s world, a metric for national growth and stability is the number of technological graduates it produces each year. Pakistan is a developing country with one of the biggest youth population in the world. The youth of Pakistan has already made its mark at various technological platforms on national and international levels. 

The curriculum of the disciplines is designed in accordance with the guidelines of the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC) of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. The curriculum of respective degree programs includes a variety of courses to serve a wide variety of students having interest in information processing and all other applied fields to cope-up with various career opportunities in the modern era. However, a continuously innovative and technologically compatible content of the curriculum is strengthening our students, which should be fit for broader career opportunities, which are exciting, rewarding, and greatly needed for a rapidly developing country. We believe in human development, capacity building, grooming and personal branding of our students. Our students are actively involved in co-curricular activities throughout the year. International technical societies and student chapters such as ACM, IEEE, PIE, OSFP, Dramatics, Sports and various other societies are established in the department to prepare young students for future challenges in the real world.

Ensuring the aforementioned, our graduates may excel their skills in the development industry as programmers, graphics designers, software engineers, game architects, software architects, etc., or may polish their skills in academic institutions as researchers and academicians.

The Objectives of the Computer Science Department are

  • To provide high quality, comprehensive educational programs and services; educational and training opportunities that are adaptable to changing needs.
  • To provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills and ability to think critically.
  • To understand and respect differences and diversity; and human decision-making.
  • To cultivate adaptability for the workplace and participation in society as responsible citizens.
  • To relate fundamental concepts to practical applications and to prepare students for employment in a wide range of context or for further study and a career where IT knowledge and skills are applied.
  • To enable students to engage with life-long learning and study and enquiry.
  • To contribute to the growth and development of the computer and information age.

Chairperson Message

In view of UOG vision, mission and existing infrastructure, the Department of Computer Science is an ideal place to start a career in the field of computational and innovative technologies. The department offers bachelor, master, MPhil and PhD programs and has developed strong curriculum in all subjects, which is delivered by highly qualified faculty including PhDs.

We aim to produce well-rounded and competent young scientists who are committed to make positive contributions to the country and the society in the field of computer science with learning, courage and integrity and general.  We intend to equip our young students for the upcoming challenges of the digital world.  Our Department is dedicated to strengthening the youth of Pakistan to address the challenges presented by the rapid changes in the 21st century. Our programs are designed to be relevant, demanding and intellectually challenging. 

We employ a variety of instructional and pedagogical methods to create an environment conducive to intellectual growth and professional competence.  Our goals are to build a collegial environment for learning and to add value to our young students.  We focus our efforts on curriculum development to design more exciting programs to meet the needs of global advancement across the full spectrum of computing world. We aim to encourage our students to share and exchange their practical experiences and recent interactions between academia and industry related to big data, internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing.

Modern technologies of mobile computing, cloud computing, IOT and Big Data are reshaping the landscape of computing, and new challenges, risks and threats are emerging as computer science becomes multidisciplinary and mandatory for daily tasks.  The department provides its students with a strong foundation in both software and hardware aspects of computing, as well as mathematics and other sciences that underlie the discipline. We continually re-examine and revisit our curriculum to stay current and to embrace the many ways in which computer technology influences the arts as well as the sciences. The importance of research cannot be neglected in today’s world for state-of-the-art development of technology. Therefore, research and industrial collaborations are top priorities of our department.  To provide high quality education and to develop university-industry co-operation, we aim to educate students and to implement collaborative research projects in order to produce a workforce for institutions and industry with a focus on R&D.