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Department of Zoology


The mission of department of zoology is to equip the graduates in the areas of zoological learning and research, so as to enable them to compete at the national and international level and achieve excellence in research and teaching in their field of specializations. The department aims at creating knowledge through research and promoting entrepreneurship for addressing indigenous issues.


The Department of Zoology was established at UOG in 2006 with the aim to provide excellent learning opportunities to the students residing in the industrial triangle of Gujrat, Gujranawala and Sialkot with equal opportunities for the students of other areas. Since its establishment the department has taken several initiatives to provide a diverse and collaborative environment to the faculty and students in order to make them excellent researchers in various fields of zoological domains. The department feels great pride in producing distinguished alumni engaged in higher education, serving prestigious institutions and research organizations in both public and private sector. The department of Zoology offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs (BS Zoology, MSc Zoology, MPhil Zoology and PhD Zoology) with equal opportunities to both male and female students. BS and MSc Program lead to a thesis or Special courses (non thesis), thus, providing competitive environment at undergraduate level, by offering research opportunities, in addition to their course-work, to top ten students, developing the interest to explore and learn scientific skills that will serve them in the pursuits of professional career whereas M Phil and Ph D program emphasizes independent thesis research on a major topic at the forefront of the chosen field. The department has been focusing on the professional development equipped with better communication and analytical skills of the students enrolled in various programs especially at undergraduate level with emphasis on the quality of learning. The faculty has been developing research culture by working in intra and inter departmental collaborations. Currently, the students are being provided research facilities in the field of Biodiversity, Ecology, Entomology, Fisheries, Parasitology, Pest Management, Physiology and Wildlife.

Chairperson’ Message 

Department of Zoology is one of the key discipline flourishing under the umbrella of Faculty of Sciences and is organized to focus on research and teaching in diverse fields of Biological and Allied Sciences. The core strengths of this department are its highly qualified and experienced faculty and laboratories providing sophisticated research equipment and facilities required in the basic and applied research in zoological domains. The major objective of the department of Zoology is to provide knowledge about the diverse disciplines of animal sciences and train the students about the application of modern knowledge and biological techniques for the exploration of scientific problems faced by the humanity. The programs equip its graduates with professional skills enabling them to achieve success in the competitive scientific community.

The department is currently engaged in the conduct of research in the various domains of zoology especially in Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Ecology, Entomology, Fisheries, Parasitology, Pest Management, Physiology, Ornithology and Wildlife. The department has contributed in the scientific learning by producing valuable research that is being validated in the journals of national and international repute.  

The department is making strenuous efforts in developing ethical values and professional skills in the graduates that would contribute in the development of the society in the socio-economic context. Our graduates are expected to join /seek opportunities in diverse professions like teaching, research and administrative posts in various organizations such as Health Departments, Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife Departments, Agriculture and Livestock Departments, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, etc.