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Centre for Media & Communication Studies

Program objectives

The objectives of the programs in Mass Communication are as follows:

  1. To enable the students to apply skillfully the conceptual & practical approaches for deep understanding of intra communication, social communication, mass communication & global communication.
  2. To develop critical and evaluative thinking in students to find the barriers in communication process.
  3. To provide opportunities for the better understanding of the communication process, to dig out the problematic areas in the respective field & then to apply different research methods for future betterment.
  4. To provide the students practical knowledge of media content production through practical work in Campus radio FM106.6, computer skills lab, newspaper production.
  5. To establish a culture of analytical processing through group discussion, discussion forums, seminars and workshops to capacitate students to express the economic issues in well-bred and technical manners.
  6. To equip the students with modern technological skills for professional development, research and management in the field of communication.
  7. To equip the graduates with the training required to enter media markets and to work as competent media professionals in both government and private-sector organizations.