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Department of Environmental Sciences


The mission of the Department is to raise awareness among masses regarding Environmental issues, to highlight the specific Environmental Problems of the Gujrat region in order to draw the attention of the policy makers for the incorporation of provided information in the future Development policy of the region in order that the same may be mitigated in the best interest of the public.


Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary field of science involving physical, biological, chemical and social dimensions. International environmental issues like global warming, greenhouse gas emissions/air pollution, water pollution, heavy industrial waste generation, rapid depletion of natural resources, heavy deforestation, species extinction, climate change (especially referring to change in temperature and rain distribution resulting in sea level rise and risks posed to coastal areas) and Ozone depletion urged scientists to look into the migratory options for the said issues.  Therefore, discipline of Environmental Sciences has been introduced at University of Gujrat to develop an insight into biotic and abiotic components of the Environment, earth processes, and ecosystems.  The aim of UOG in this regard, is to produce scientists and scholars with an excellent professional expertise in the field of Environmental Sciences and policy and management to meet International Environmental Standards and for overall well-being of the nation in general and the Gujrat region in particular.

Chairperson’s Message

After the realization of anthropogenic impacts on the global Environment and flinch of Environmental movement in 1960’s after the publication of Rachel Carson’s book titled “Silent Spring”, the movement gained momentum initially in all developed countries and most of the developing countries gained the ignition in 1980’s and 1990’s. Pakistan, being a densely populated country, took an initiative in 1983 with the enactment of Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance which later resulted in Environmental Protection Act of Pakistan in 1997 and Environmental Policy of Pakistan in year 2005.

Pakistan faces very serious Environmental Challenges due to heavy population growth rate, rapid industrialization, heavy amounts of waste generation, deforestation, species extinction and both drinking and irrigation Water Quality. Due to very insignificant percentage of forest area, the country is highly vulnerable to Natural Disasters.

All above portrayed scenario emphasizes the need of addressing Environment Issues through the Establishment of Environmental Sciences Departments at Universities catering the needs of different regions of Pakistan. The establishment of the Department of Environmental Sciences at University of Gujrat is a valiant step in the same connection and will result in the development of an insight into the real time Environmental Problems of the region and mitigation.