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Department of Education was established in 2010 and functioning with the following vision, mission and goals in New Academic Block-I, 2nd Floor, Hafiz Hayat Campus, University of Gujrat

Vision: Being a department of teacher education we are conscious of, that ‘quality of the teachers, is the quality of education system’. Likewise, we apprise that teachers are real social change agents. Our vision is, therefore, to ensure competence and honesty among the prospective teachers, through enabling them to impart quality education, relevant for the peace and prosperity of our society in the 21st century.

Mission: We pursue National Standards for Teacher education, to be at par with the developed education systems of the world, in the form of four observable and measureable aspects of teacher education: Knowledge which is the cognizance of facts, concepts and principles of teaching-learning processes; Skills, to lead the instructional settings and cognitive skills in classroom, as well as to think critically and creatively and to learn, how to learn, unlearn, and relearn; Professional attributes, like curiosity, adaptability, punctuality and responsibility; Interpersonal skills, empathy, self-confidence, inclusiveness, leadership and collaboration.

Focus: We try our best to realize the full teaching potential of the graduates through providing useful, meaningful and practical education which increases their likelihood to be successful professionals.  We prepare future teachers through rigorous classroom coaching and practicum, to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to cope with day to day social and professional challenges rather than merely acquiring theoretical knowledge. We emphasize, practice and expect them to promote facilitation, thinking, self- learning, exploration, discovery and creativity in the real classroom settings. Further we strive to enable them to innovate for creating such a classroom environment which is supportive for the learners’ physical and emotional health, intellectual development and meaningful learning experiences. Finally we see our graduates to be successful in earning ‘Teaching License’, having command on the updated subject matter as well research based pedagogical skills.

To achieve what said, we offer following programs at the department of education.

For all this the Department of Education is well-prepared for the tasks, currently having 5 PhDs and 2 MPhil faculty members, well-equipped spacious, air conditioned classrooms having smart boards and multimedia both connected to Wi-Fi and white boards like state of the art facilities