Student Services Center


The Student Services Centre (SSC) provides all types of student facilitation services the students under the one roof. The office envisaged the students’ personal development and career development needs and aim to fulfill them with the sense of responsibility. Various sections of the office include the Financial Aid Office, Career Development, University Advancement & Alumni Relations, Information and Guidance and Student Counseling to cope up with various students’ needs.

One Stop Solution

UOG is committed to providing a quality education and an outstanding student experience. On our journey to provide friendlier environment to students UOG opens ONE STOP SOLUTION at Student Services Center ready to serve prospective and current students in one location. One Stop is making significant improvements in providing support to students and visitors.

ONE STOP SOLUTION combines most registration, financial aid, and payment services in one convenient location. So now, instead of going to different offices you simply visit One Stop at Student Services Center. At one stop our goal is not send student anywhere outside that this is the truly their ONE STOP.
The knowledgeable friendly student intern staff is cross-trained in all areas pro provide stellar student service and get you on your way. It’s a small office but making a big difference.

Students’ Academic Support Office

This office deals with students day to day queries and matters. The office facilitates the students by issuing the Bona-fide, Character & English Proficiency Certificates on demand. It also deals with Student Email Accounts/ portal.  The University ID card is identification of student. It helps and safeguards students’ distinctiveness and the campus security also. University of Gujrat issues the university card to its students, faculty members and administration staff for the appropriate identity. The office is responsible to print and issue cards to staff and students and maintain a record of cards issued.

Hayatians’ Alumni Association (HAA)

The Hayatians’ Alumni Association's vision is to develop a dedicated and dynamic alumni community whose members are committed to each other, devoted to UOG’s mission, and to invest in its future. Hayatians’ Alumni Association supports the overall advancement of the University of Gujrat by engaging all alumni for life, building a culture of philanthropy and being the representative Ambassadors for all UOG former graduates with building lifelong relationships with UOG for mutual support and growth.

Career Development Office

Career Development office is focused to provide the career awareness to the students.  The CDO is facilitated the students and Alumni in professional and career development. It helps the students to cope up with real world challenges and enhance their unique abilities, interest and aptitudes. CDO also enabled the students to compete in the market with some competitive advantages which can allow them to attain desired professional objectives.

Extra-Curricular Activates / Students Societies

Students are the ambassadors of the University and help to establish the institution brands. Students Societies are provide a plate form to students for participations in the extra-curricular activities in regional and national level. Extra –Curricular office at SSC encourages the students to show case their abilities and skills by taking part different events.

The office also helps to students to build community, gain leadership, develop interpersonal skills and contribute to the campus community and beyond.   Students’ societies provide the medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding, community service and lasting friendship. Out of class room activities play an important role in a University experience and enrich student life by multitude of opportunities.

UOG Discipline Committee

The UOG Disciplinary Committee is constituted to regulate a code of behavior among the University students and to maintain the highest standards of respect, integrity, and civility befitting decent learners. The Discipline Committee consists of most senior deans/ directors. Serious disciplinary matters are investigated by the Discipline Committee, which are forward its recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for final approval. Discipline Committee since its constitution has deal with more than 75 discipline breach cases.

Proctorial Board

In order to maintain discipline and decorum of the University, a Proctorial Board has been constituted to keep a check on the activities of the students. This board is fully authorized to take action on spot or depending on the gravity of an offense forward the issue to the Disciplinary Committee.