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Department of Mathematics


We offer our students academic challenges along with support to help them succeed. We encourage them to develop problem-solving abilities which transcend the confines of the field of mathematics. We collaborate with local community organizations, with professional associations, and with other campus entities and individuals. We share and promote the belief that mathematics holds an important place in the history of humanity and a valuable one in the future of all human beings.


The Department of Mathematics at University of Gujrat was established in year 2004.Department of Mathematics was one of the pioneers departments in the university. Department offers programs in the area of pure and applied mathematics and in the area of statistics that lead to the Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degree in mathematics. In addition, there are special programs such as joint concentrations in mathematics and philosophy. At University of Gujrat the entire spectrum of fields is well represented. Within the Department of Mathematics there are strong groups of faculty, dynamical systems, number theory, and geometry. In addition to the faculty's strong research interests, there is an equally strong desire to provide instruction of the highest quality.

Chairperson´s Message

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at UOG. We have an active faculty of 17 members including 5 PhDs. Despite our small, but flourishing faculty, we have several areas of strength in the Department including Algebra, Analysis, Optimization, Differential Equations, Functional Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, and Topology. Our faculty members are active professionals in the fields they are serving. All are graduates of esteemed universities, and are active in teaching and self development. These, through perceptive teaching and careful guidance, help students to develop meaningful and lasting connections with the sciences and mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics at UOG offers M.Phil, B.S (four years) and M.Sc (02 years) programs. It is our mission to provide quality mathematics instruction at all levels, and to develop adept professionals, and educated leaders who are desperately required to the wants of society. Besides this, mathematics department also provide services to most of the other departments of the university. I wish you well-chosen surfing! Queries and comments are welcome via the "contact us" link.