Faculty of Engineering and Technology

The establishment of the Faculty of Engineering and Techology is a milestone in the history of Gujrat, as it will contribute significantly in making the city a progressive industrial zone of Pakistan. All graduate programmes offered by the Faculty are distinct for their quality, both in academics and research, and will be upgraded to Master's and PhD level in due course of time. The mission of the Faculty of Engineering and Techology is to achieve excellence in graduate education, research and public service. Thus, it strives to:

  • Provide an educational experience that inspires students to reach the highest level of intellectual capability and personal growth throughout their lives.

  • Provide a scholarly and professional environment that enables the students and the faculty to make valuable contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the creative practice of engineering.

  • Prepare students with knowledge and skills with which they are to design, model, analyze and manage modern complex engineering systems. These engineering courses, laboratory, project work, and seminars will prepare students for rewarding engineering careers and life-long learning.

  • Engage in service that enhances the public understanding of technology, which facilitates its use for the betterment of society.

  • Lead the nation in providing equality of opportunity for engineering education.

  • Provide high quality education, and basis for life-long learning of the engineering and scientific knowledge required for analysis, design, improvement and evaluation of integrated system of engineering.

  • Lead in research in key areas within the discipline, with particular relevance to systems of strategic importance to the state and nation such as, environmental systems, sophisticated electrical and electronic equipments, dams and buildings construction industries, petro-chemicals, pharmaceutical sectors, fertilizers as well as other public and private organizations.

  • Provide professional services and academic leadership in the disciplines of the agencies, private and public organizations, and professional societies so that the development of the whole country will be assured, ultimately, raising the standard of living and improving the socio-economic conditions of the people.

The Faculty of Engineering and Techology at the University of Gujrat offers four-year graduate programmes in the disciplines of Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. It is hoped that the Electrical Engineering Department will work in close collaboration with the local electrical engineering industries to produce electrical appliances of export quality at competitive rates. Currently, the chemical industries are almost non-existent in this area. Because this is an agricultural area, chemical industries related to milk and dairy products and food preservation need to be established here. The graduates in Chemical Engineering will be well-equipped to meet the needs of these chemical industries.