UoG awards PhDs

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GUJRAT – The University of Gujrat (UoG) awarded PhDs to two of its student scholars after they successfully completed their theses, fulfilling the quality criterion of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and that of the varsity.

Ms Salma Shaheen, a PhD scholar of the Economics department, was declared eligible to be awarded a PhD degree for her research thesis titled, “Spillover of global and country specific external conditions on economic growth of Pakistan”. Dr Atif Ali Jaffri, Associate Professor of the varsity’s department of Economics, supervised the research work.

Among the external examiners were Dr Gulasekaran Rajagura and Dr Safdar Khan from the Bond Business School, Bond University, Australia.

Another PhD scholar, Ms. Namra Shahzadi, was declared eligible for the award of a PhD degree in Psychology. The topic of her research was “Addressing bullying behaviours in schools: An intervention plan for teachers and children." It was supervised by Dr Bushra Akram, chairperson Psychology department, and co-supervised by Prof. Dr Saima Dawood from the Centre for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, and Dr Fayyaz Ahmad, Associate Professor, chairperson department of Statistics, UoG.

Prof. Dr Christopher Alan Lewis, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, School of Social & Health Sciences, Leeds Trinity University, Horsforth, Leeds, UK, and Prof. Dr Tony Cassidy, Department of Psychology, University of Ulster, Coleraine Campus, UK, were the external examiners.

Published Date: 13-07-2021