Directorate of Evening Programs


The University of Gujrat offers its evening programs in different disciplines including Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, business administration, commerce, Law, English, history and education. These programs have been launched to meet the growing needs of the industry in the industrial hub of Gujrat, Gujranwala and Sialkot. They provide an alternative to the students who are unable to register in the regular morning programs due to any reasons. The programs are running with great success which can be determined from the fact that about 2500 students are enrolled in above mentioned disciplines. The students in the evening programs enjoy studying with highly qualified and experienced faculty along with sessions by market leaders where they are introduced to real-life problems and are encouraged to find solutions on their own. Apart from the academic activities, different co-curricular and extra-curricular events are also arranged in order to establish a competitive environment in the campus.


To provide high quality education to evening students enabling them to compete in cut throat competition in local, regional, national and international scenarios.


The Evening Programs, under the aegis of the different Faculties, serves the continuously expanding educational needs of the students who prefer to undertake an undergraduate and graduate programs in the late afternoon which seems convenient to them due to their work and/or family commitments. Our Mission is to provide evening students with the same high quality educational opportunities which are provided to the morning students. The Evening Program intends to equip its students with a broad theoretical background and best industrial practices to enable them to pursue high profile careers and achieve higher-level educational goals.