Faculty Profiles

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq

Designation : Associate Professor
Specialization : Chemistry

Email : m.ashfaq@uog.edu.pk

  • Novel analytical methods for pharmaceutical analysis in wastewater and in pharmaceutical formations/biofluids, Assessment and Fate of Pharmaceuticals and Personal care products (PPCPs) in Environment and Synthesis of Biologically Active New Molecules.
  • Post-Doc, Other
  • PhD,Goverment College University , Lahore
  • 1. “Determination of Commonly used pharmaceuticals in Hospital waste and their ecological risk assessment” Clean-Soil Air Water, March 2017
  • 2. “Ecological risk assessment of pharmaceuticals in the receiving environment of pharmaceutical wastewater in Pakistan” Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety, February 2017
  • 3. “Encapsulation of Antibiotic Levofloxacin in Biocompatible Microemulsion Formulation: Insights from Microstructure Analysis” Journal Of Physical Chemistry B, February 2017