Vice Chancellor Office

Vice Chancellor´s Message

Since its inception in 2004, University of Gujrat (UOG) has never stopped growing – in numbers of students, numbers of programs, numbers of campuses, numbers of buildings, numbers of courses and research programmes. Mostly, this growth was organic: the taking of a series of opportunities.

As a University, we have absolute confidence in our capacity to continue to deliver high-quality research and innovation. Faculty, staff and students are the bedrock of any university. The young faculty's energy and enthusiasm are the greatest strength of the university. We aim to create a world-class infrastructure that university needs to accelerate growth and meet region's basic needs.

The challenges are enormous. We must compensate and give appropriate recognition to our academic-related and assistant staff, whose contributions are integral to the health of the University.

Our vision is to see all students fully engaged in their career exploration in a manner that enhances their student life experience; helps them to see the relevance of their education to their career development; and enables them to achieve their career goals and make a positive contribution to society.

Our mission is to inspire students in the exploration of their career options and to increase their employability through the development of lifelong career-management skills by creating an energized student-centered environment that makes career education accessible to all.

A university can grow successfully only when research and teaching mesh together seamlessly - one without the other is incomplete. Therefore we have to ensure the development of a collaborative environment conducive to learning, exposure to the best international practices and promotion of innovation and creativity.

I will expect your best each day. The keys to your success will be being dependable, reliable, showing openness, follow-through, attentiveness, supervision, documentation, and following the policies and procedures.

We are trying our best to make sure that we recognise the challenges we face and choose where to focus our energies and investments within the broad domains implied by our values. Please take your time and review our yearly goals so that you can know what is expected and make a positive contribution.

Thank you for your attention, Good Luck and God Bless.

Prof Dr Shabbar Atiq