Faculty Profiles

Dr. Ghani Rahman

Designation : Lecturer
Specialization : Geography

Email : [email protected]

  • Physical Geography, Natural Hazards, Climate Change, GIS & Remote Sensing

  • PhD,University of Peshawar
  • M.Phil,University of Peshawar
  • Post Graduate Diploma in GIS & Remote Sensing,University of Peshawar
  • MSc,University of Peshawar
  • Member of IRDR Young Scientist Programme    Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Programme (IRDR) is an international, multidisciplinary research initiative of ten years’ duration launched to address the major challenges of natural and human-induced environmental hazards.
Student Name DegreeTitle Status / Completed Year
Ghulam Fatima MS   2020
Aneesa Arshad MS   2020
Hajra MS   2020
Tilla Muhammad MS   2020
Samavia Khalid MS   2020
Ayesha Kanwal MS   2020
Muhammad Siddique MS   2020
Tayyaba Naseem MS   2020
Tayyaba Noreen MS   2020
Zafar Iqbal MS   2020
  • Teaching and Supervising Research work at BS, M.Sc and M.Phil Level