Faculty Profiles

Dr. Shafaq Naz

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Mathematics

Email : drshafaq.naz@uog.edu.pk

I am a devoting, passionating, hardworking, sincere with my work, loyal and honest person. I am very helpful personality towards my colleagues as well as my students. I always accept challenges.

  • I am multi tasking person. I did work on algebra of both types commutative and non-commutative algebra olso on fuzzy algebra. In my Mphil work i studies fuzzy algebra with respect to left almost semigroups and in Phd i workd on semihypergroups and soft semihypergroups. I characterized soft semihypergroups by the properties of its soft ideals. I discussed soft ideal theory in detail in my Phd duration. After joining this prestegious institutions i started work on fuzzy differential equation also on numerical computing and artificial neural networking.