Faculty Profiles

Engr. Abdul Hannan Zahid

Designation : Lecturer
Specialization : Chemical Engineering & Technology

Email : engr.hannan@uog.edu.pk

  • Current research focuses on the controlled synthesis of semiconductor materials for new energy production and catalysis (advanced oxidation processes) for environmental remediation.

  • MSc,University of Punjab
  • BSc,University of Punjab
  • Registered Engineer   Pakistan Engineering Council
  • 1. Shuzhen Li, Qiaofeng Han, Xuemei Jia, A. Hannan Zahid, Huiping Bi “Room-temperature one-step synthesis of tube-like S-scheme BiOBr/BiO(HCOO)Br-x heterojunction with excellent visible-light photocatalytic performance” Applied Surface Science, November 2020 DOI:
  • 2. Abdul Hannan Zahid, Naila Amin, Fahid Nisar, Summaira Saghir “Analysis of MTH-System (Methylcyclohexane-Toluene-Hydrogen-System) for hydrogen production as fuel for power plants” International Journal Of Hydrogen Energy, November 2020 DOI:
  • 3. Abdul Hannan Zahid, Zheng Mengyun, Peng Maoyuan, Han Qiaofeng “Addition of bismuth subacetate into bismuth citrate as co-precursors to improve the photocatalytic performance of Bi2O3” Materials Letters, December 2019 DOI:
  • 1. Abdul Hannan Zahid, Salman, Moazam, Jibran, Maria, Muhammad Shahbaz, Muhammad Suleman Tahr “Potential of hydrogen production in microbial fuel cell for ammonia industry as application of wastewater treatment” 2nd conference on sustainability in process industries (SPI -2014), May 2014 DOI: