1st International Conference on Management and Commerce (ICMC-2018)


1st International Conference on Management and Commerce (ICMC-2018)


Sustainable entrepreneurship: from knowledge to venture

Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences, University of Gujrat, Pakistan | April 4-5, 2018

Call for Paper

Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences at University of Gujrat announces submissions for ICMC 2018. The conference theme for this year is, Sustainable Entrepreneurship: from Knowledge to venture.

Initiation of entrepreneurial activities to curb the economic woes of a nation is a prominent area of debate among practitioners and academicians since long. There is a drive to initiate new ventures. Not only the established businesses want to expand but, also, on-campus campaigns have been started to train the young talent to become employers rather than employees. The start-ups are now burgeoning out of academic establishments. This phenomenon, if sustained, can solve the biggest challenges of our generations including, poverty, hunger, health, education, and unemployment. However, the questions to be asked are: how we can integrate the startup of entrepreneurial activities with our societal milieus: how can we keep this entrepreneurial passions to keep on flourishing and let not the nascent entrepreneurs go out of the game prematurely?

With these spotlights, we invite the scholars, researchers, academicians, practitioners, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and policy makers to share their ideas and research in the platform we have provided. 

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ICMC 2018

Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences

Al-Farabi Block, Office 203, University of Gujrat, HH Campus, Pakistan

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Prof. Dr. Abdul Raheman

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