Migration Criteria/ Requirement of Migration

  1. Application of migration will be received in the office of additional Registrar (Academics) on given time period.
  2. Migration is allowed in University & its affiliated colleges.
  3. CGPA should not be less than 2.00
  4. Previous Institute should be recognized with HEC.
  5. Migration is not possible in 1st&after 5th Semester.
  6. Migration is allowed only in offering/regular Semester. (Fall or Spring)
  7. Hostel accommodation is not allowed to the migrated student.
  8. Studied course having 65 & more than 65 marks will be accepted.
  9. 50 % courses should be similar to the required discipline courses.
  10. Admission is possible for migrated student on the basis of merit, availability of seat and on the recommendation of head of the department.
  11. Migration Committee will approve the admission on the recommendation of head of department.
  12. Degree period may be prolonged for migrated student.

Required Documents

  1. A written application on a plain paper in the name of Registrar.
  2. NOC from previous institute at the time of admission.
  3. All attested photocopies of previous transcripts./ a copy of previous results metric FA/BA,/BSc, etcS
  4. Grading System of Previous Institute.
  5. Course contents/Course Outline of Studied Semesters.
  6. Four passport size photographs at the time of admission.(required by the concerned department)
  7. CNIC photocopy
  8. NTS/UET Result copy