Chairperson / Coordinator Message

Chairperson / Coordinator (FMAS) Message

After its inception in 2009 the Directorate of Evening Programs has shown tremendous growth.  This incentive was taken keeping in view the robust demand of the industry for highly skilled, self-motivated and vibrant. The Directorate was established in the conventional building of the City Campus G.T. Road after renovation, restoration and refurbishment according to the needs of modern era. Selection of the Campus was made due to its easy approach for both locals and those coming from surrounding areas. We have so for produced 1049 Graduates in different degree programs including, MS, MBA, BBA,B.COM and M.Com, who are contributing their share in the socio-Economic development of society by working in  both national and multinational corporations or by becoming entrepreneurs. We focus on academic leaning, personality grooming keeping in view requirements of the industry. We develop our graduates capability to apply logical, ethical and innovative thinking to become effective problem solvers giving due consideration to ethics, equity and social responsibility, to work independently or collaboratively, demonstrate international perspectives as a professional with futuristic approach. The Directorate strongly believes in close interaction between academia and industry and every effort is made to bring the two closer through frequent liaison, joint field projects, research activities, workshops, seminars and lectures by industry experts. Student internships at leading organizations are facilitated through Student Service Center (SSC).  We warmly welcome you to your new Alma mater.

Chairperson / Coordinator (Computing & IT) Message

The University of Gujrat is one of the leading universities of the country providing academic excellence to the students of region. The university has started the evening programs to meet the growing needs of education of a large population of the region. The Evening Program at Marghzar Campus provides the students with personal and familial problems to receive the same high quality education which is imparted to the students in the main campus in the morning programs. It enables the students to develop a competitive edge to face the challenges of the professional world. The department boasts highly qualified and dedicated faculty and a cozy campus with all the allied facilities to facilitate the learning and teaching. Most of the classrooms are equipped with multimedia screens and LEDs to help students solve complex issues related to Computer, IT and Software’s. I, as the Coordinator of the department, invite you to visit the campus and get a feel of the vibrant academic and research environment.